NADA Policy Toolkit


The NADA Policy Toolkit is a resource designed to guide non government drug and alcohol services to develop and review operational policy documents and support their formal quality improvement program. The resource provides practical policy development templates related to governance and leadership, administration and support, and service delivery. Whilst the toolkit does not replace the need for an organisation to develop policies, it will assist in developing and reviewing policies and in an organisation's quality improvement program.

The development of the NADA Policy Toolkit is a collaborative project between the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing funded Cross Sectoral Support and Strategic Partnerships Project and the NSW Health funded Sector Development Program.

A How To Guide has also been provided to assist you in using the toolkit and a Policy Mapping Document to assist in organisation and access of your internal policies.

Click here to download the Governance and Leadership templates (496 KB zip file)
Click here to download the Administration and Support templates (712 KB zip file)
Click here to download the Service Delivery templates (506 KB zip file)

Click below to access specific templates:

Governance and Leadership

Disaster and Emergency Management Policy
- Emergency and Disaster Situation Procedures
- Emergency Situation Checklist
External Relationship Policy
- Contractual Relationship Procedure
- Memorandum of Understanding Template
Financial Management Policy 
- Board Member Expense Claim Form
- Staff Expense Reimbursement Form
First Aid Policy 
Governance and Management Policy 
- Board Performance Assessment Tool
Infection Control Policy
- Staff Vaccination Risk Assessment
Legal and Regulatory Policy
- Compliance Register Template
- Legal Compliance Checklist
Occupational Health and Safety Policy 
- Incident Report Form
- Manual Handling Procedure
- Premises and Property Security Procedure
- Vehicle Use Procedure
Risk Management Policy
- Risk Management Procedure
- Risk Review Template
Waste Management Policy
- Waste Management Procedure

Administration and Support

Asset Management Policy 

- Asset Register Template
Communications Policy 
- Client Computer and Phone Use Guidelines
- Staff Email, Internet and Phone Use Guidelines
Event Management Policy
- Event Feedback Form
- Managing Events Checklist
Grievance and Dispute Settling Policy
- Dispute Management Procedure
Human Resources Management Policy  
- Certificate of Service Template
- Code of Conduct
- Flexible Work Practices Procedure
- Induction and Orientation Feedback Form
- Position Description Template
- Recruitment Advertisement Template
- Staff Exit Checklist
- Staff Exit Interview Form
- Staff Induction and Orientation Checklist
- Staff Induction and Orientation Procedure
- Staff Recruitment Procedure
- Staff Resignation and Termination Procedure
Information Management Policy
Policy Development Policy 
- Policy Review Form
- Policy Review Schedule
- Policy Template
- Procedure Template
Program Evaluation Policy
- Program Evaluation Checklist
Project Planning Policy
- Project Plan Template
Quality Improvement Policy
- Quality Improvement Action Plan Template
Staff Performance and Development Policy 
- Performance and Development Review Form
- Poor Staff Performance and Misconduct Procedure
Student Placement Policy
- Student Induction and Orientation Checklist
- Student Placement Evaluation Form
- Student Placement Learning Agreement Template
- Student Placement Procedure
Volunteer Policy 
- Volunteer Agreement Template
- Volunteer Evaluation Form
- Volunteer Induction and Orientation Checklist
- Volunteer Placement Procedure

Service Delivery

Child Protection Policy
- Child Protection Reporting Procedure
Client Diversity Policy
- Diversity Competence Checklist
Client Exit Policy 
- Client Exit Summary
Client File Management Policy 
- Client File Access Procedure
- Client File Review Procedure
- Client File Review Tool
Client Intake and Assessment Policy
Client Intervention Policy
- Client Rights and Responsibilities
Client Medication Management Policy - Policy of the month
- Client Medication Record
- Client Medication Summary
Client Mental Health Management Policy
Client Suicide and Self Harm Policy
- Suicide and Self Harm Risk Assessment Form
- Client Safety Contract
Clinical Supervision Policy 
Evidence Based Practice Policy
Family Inclusive Practice Policy 
Feedback and Complaints Policy 
- Complaints Record Form
- Feedback and Complaints Procedure
- Information for Clients: How to Make a Complaint
Privacy and Confidentiality Policy 
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For more information on the NADA Policy Toolkit contact Robert   or Tanya.