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Network update

CMHDARN held its annual symposium on 5 June. The CMHDARN Symposium brings together academics, consumers / clients, carers and those that deliver services in the AOD and mental health sectors. It is a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of research and service delivery and how this inform practice. ‘Exploring the potential—experience, outcome measures and practice’ was this year’s theme. The presentations and panel explored topics such as: how to determine which measures (experience, outputs or outcomes) tell us what we need to know; how does the context in which we evaluate experience and outcome measures impact the information gathered; and how can we embed reflective practice as a response to experiences of service provision. There was lively discussions and many questions posed. Thanks to all the presenters and attendees!

About the network

The CMHDARN is a partnership project between NADA, the Mental Health Coordinating Council (MHCC) and the NSW Mental Health Commission.

CMHDARN was established in 2010 to broaden involvement of the community mental health and alcohol and other drugs sectors in practice-led research and to promote the value of research and the use of research evidence in practice.

Its overall aim is to:

  • improve the quality of service delivery and correspondingly, the outcomes for consumers of community managed services
  • promote increased understanding and awareness of co-existing mental health and alcohol and other drugs issues.

CMHDARN facilitates the development of a culture of research by providing opportunities and context for the exchange of ideas, the sharing of resources, support and collaboration among community organisations and between community organisations and research bodies, including universities and research institutes. Communities of practice help foster continuous learning, shape critical thinking and enable innovative practices and approaches.

In order to build the research capacity of the mental health and alcohol and other drugs sectors, the network shares information and engages with members via its website, workshops, forums, reflective practice webinars/webcasts, and other activities.

Visit www.cmhdaresearchnetwork.com.au and become a CMHDARN member today. It’s the easiest way to receive updates on CMHDARN activities and it’s free to join.