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Youth AOD services network

Network update

The NADA Youth AOD Services Network held the forum ‘Improving outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people’ on 13 August 2019. The event featured speakers from Bunjilwarra, Monaghan Dreaming and knowmore, as well as Associate Professor James Ward from the SA Health and Medical Research Institute and was successful in highlighting tools, best practice and culturally secure approaches for working with Indigenous youth within the sector.

The network has also started consultation with NADA regarding the needs and support of youth AOD services in NSW over the next three years, including the development of the next iteration of the Youth AOD Services Network profile.

About the network

The Youth AOD Services Network is a collective of community based organisations that provide specialist services to young people seeking support for alcohol and other drugs use. The group works together to enhance service provision, develop partnerships and improve referrals. They participate in a range of networking, knowledge exchange and capacity building activities and actively work with NADA to advocate for improved AOD treatment access for young people in New South Wales.

Ongoing activities

The network meets four times a year—for two meetings and two training sessions.


If you would like to become a member of the Youth AOD Services Network, please email resli@nada.org.au.