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Page last updated: 4 July 2022
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March 2022

COVID-19 healthcare practices in the community – Risk assessment matrix 


Feb 2022

Changes to COVID-19-related incident reporting for NSW Health-funded NGOs

Reporting a single instance of COVID positive case:

  • Notify your contract manager by email, without identifying personal information. The email should contain the date of a positive test result, type of test (RAT or PCR) and if you anticipate any service interruptions as a result of that case.

An incident report will be required where your service becomes aware of a COVID outbreak, defined as when:

  • 2 or more cases that have clinical indicators of COVID-19 (fever, an acute respiratory infection (this includes a cough, sore throat or shortness of breath), a runny nose, loss of smell or loss of taste) in staff or clients that occurs within 3 days (72 hours) AND
  • at least one of these cases is confirmed as COVID-19 by a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) or PCR test.

Non-residential services are not required to submit an incident report unless a connection is made between the cases; such as two cases visited the same physical location (even if at different times) and/or linked by an in-person meeting (even if full personal protective equipment was used).

Please contact your contract manager if you have any questions.


COVID resources by topic

COVID-19 screening at NSW Healthcare facilities
• Healthcare facilities
• Residential aged care facilities
• Residential disability care facilities
• Home care service providers facilities


Infection, prevention and control guidance

COVID-19 information for NSW Health funded NGOs
Infection prevention and control manual for health care settings

Requesting PPE for NSW Health funded NGOs

Accessing and delivering AOD treatment during COVID-19 (including Opioid Treatment)

Resources for health care and residential care workers

Ministry of Health COVID-19 checklist for AOD services [DOCX]

Department of Health Guidelines for outbreaks in residential care facilities

Rapid Antigen Testing


Mandatory vaccination

NSW Health COVID-19 information for health funded NGOs and FAQs

Justice Connect: Managing vaccines in the workplace


Health worker safety
Health care worker COVID-19 exposure risk assessment matrix (NSW Health)

Health worker safety resources (NSW Health)

Adjusting our practice to keep everyone safe: NADA COVID-19 FAQs (Nov 2021)

COVID in the workplace

Fair Work 
Safe Work Australia
NSW Government


Legal advice contact Justice Connect


Policy resources

See NADA Policy Toolkit for documents to support human resources changes:
Human resources policy template [DOCX]
Working from home WHS—report and agreement [DOCX]


Client resources

NUAA vaccination resources Download the poster and flyer
AHMRC resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Turning Point client engagement and withdrawal support resources
Insight coping and self-care resource


Worker wellbeing

NADA Well Beings short animation series Here

NADA Coping with stress and uncertainty during COVID-19 eLearning course 

NADA Worker wellbeing resources Here

Australian Psychological Society 
Black Dog Institute


Recorded webinars

Ministry of Health: COVID future scenario planning (March 2022)

COVID normal: Preparing for a new world

Adapting to change, adapting your service during COVID-19  

Adapting Practice: shifting therapeutic support online  

Australian Government COVID-19 infection control eLearning module

NGO Community of Practice: Update on COVID-19 issues for NSW Health funded NGOs (August 2021)

COVID-19 infection control: A focus on residential AOD treatment
Webinar slides [PPTX] Q&A from the webinar [PDF]

COVID-19 Ministry of Health Webinar (April 2020) Slides [PDF] Q&A [PDF]


For further webinars and resources See the AOD Resources Finder

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